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Helpful websites

This section contains links to other helpful websites that'll help you gather the information you need for filling out sections of the Business Cost Calculator.

Australian Bureau of Statistics earnings & hours
Find information on employee earnings and hours from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Australian Bureau of Statistics counts of businesses
Find information on counts of businesses included in the Australian Bureau of Statistics Business Register (ABSBR).

Australian Taxation Office
Find information on compliance costs and more from the Australian Taxation Office, especially information on 'Response to Regulation Impact Statements (RISs) and Compliance Costs'.

Business Licence Information System
Find compliance information on a variety of licences, registrations and codes of practice. Get details on a variety of issues from registration of a business name to permits for keeping beehives.

The Business Licence Information System also gives you online access to the Office of Fair Trading's databases for NSW and Commonwealth business licences.

Workplace Authority
Find out about wages and employment conditions in Australia. Get details on federal awards and agreements.
Find out payroll tax requirements for each State / Territory. Payroll tax information is also available from the relevant State / Territory government revenue office website.

Important!! These links are external to the Business Cost Calculator. They'll help you find the information you need to include.

We don't take any responsibility for updating the links. We don't have direct control over the content these websites provide or any changes to information they make.

It's your responsibility to check the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information they provide.

Just because we link to a website, doesn't mean we endorse it, the material it provides or any third-party products or services it contains. You also need to be aware of the organisation hosting the website you visit.