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Business Cost Calculator - Your policy compliance costing tool

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The Business Cost Calculator has been developed by the Australian Government so you can calculate the compliance costs of regulatory proposals. It quantifies compliance costs on business using an activity-based costing methodology.

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  • Either start a new Business Cost Calculator costing file or open an already saved Business Cost Calculator costing file.
  • Calculate your compliance costs.
  • See your compliance cost reports.


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Is my data secure?

Data from your computer to the BCC application at the website is transmitted using a secure SSL encryption. The .bcc data file can be saved on your computer to the location you nominate. No information is saved on the internet. The data file is encrypted and can only be opened via the website. You should ensure that the .bcc file is stored in a secure location.

Upon request, a CD version of the BCC can be provided for installation on your intranet (internal) network or stand alone IIS enabled personal computer.